Creative Arts Eliot 2022: Your choice of workshops

Saturday, August 13, 2022 from 04:00 PM to Wednesday, August 17, 2022 to 01:00 PM

Eduardo Fernandez - Acrylics

Program Description: Painting 1-2-3!
     Explore the art and craft of acrylic painting in a studio offering personalized instruction, demos and feedback. Students will learn and gain inspiration by painting directly from life and by copying a master artist's work; a tried and true way to learn and create fresh and interesting work. While some attention is paid to theory, the workshop is meant to be hands-on, engaging, and fun. Painting 1-2-3 includes lively discussion of artists and their work to explain and illustrate: essentials of picture-making like value, color, and composition; painting technique such as color mixing, brushwork, and building a painting step by step; how to start strong and block-in a painting. Painting 1-2-3 is open to all levels and beginners are welcome!

Biography: Eduardo Fernandez is inspired by the effects of color and light, direct observation, imagination and love for oil painting and drawing. Portraits, still-life, and landscapes are ongoing themes in his work. Eduardo is know for his portrait work and has exhibited in several Pacific NW venues. He greatly enjoys teaching and has been an instructor at the Portland Art Museum, Pacific NW College of Art, and Multnomah Arts Center. To view his work, visit:

Linda Horton - Mosaics

Program Description: Create Your Own Glass Art Mosaics
Mosaic is an ancient art form, made accessible to beginners or those with limited experience in this workshop.  Participants will learn about choosing materials (iridescent or textured glass, small ceramic tiles, beads to embellish, etc.), glass cutting, composition and tips for constructing 2-3 simple pieces. These will include a small (5") picture tray and a pendant (other options available). Using glass triangles or slivers primarily, rather than squares, allows a more dynamic, flowing and quicker creative expression.  New skills, plus original, durable artwork to take home!

Biography: I have been involved in the arts since childhood, when my mother took me after church (San Diego 1st UU) to sketch in the park or at the harbor. In high school, I Illustrated the literary magazine, in my 20s I worked for an art gallery and sold my etchings, and in my 30s assisted an art therapist in senior homes.  While I have been involved in many art forms ( dance, drama, folk ensembles, and writing), I kept coming back to visual arts.  Abut 30 years ago I took up stained glass, which evolved into a passion for glass mosaics (I adore jigsaw puzzles!)   The past five years since retirement I have specialized in pendants, beginning with flaming chalices and branching out.  I have an Etsy site (MinervaMosaics) and a Facebook page (MinervaMosaica).  Between my Etsy site and craft fairs, etc., I have sold 300 or so pendants, as well as contributing both pendants and plaques to church and charity fundraisers and making larger pieces for gifts and the occasional commission. During my 25+ years as a parish minister, I regularly offered adult ed classes in “Art and Spirit.” 

Calyn McLeod - Dragon Sculpting

Program Description: Learn to sculpt a small dragon from polymer clay! Calyn will guide you through the whole process from armature to painting, and at the end of the camp you will have your own unique winged dragon to take home. All experience levels welcome. Materials will be provided - just bring your imagination and enthusiasm!

Biography: Calyn has been creative for as long as she can remember. She is known for her posable fantasy creature art dolls, and enjoys working in a wide range of media and techniques - sculpting, painting, and sewing are her favorites, but she's also done printmaking, graphic design, tie dye, jewelry making, book making, ceramics, and more. Her portfolio can be seen at

Mike Reddig - Active Sports

Program Description: An additional morning option, "Active Sports will be available for those wanting a more physical activity.  Led by Mike Reddig, there will be options for hiking, paddle-boarding, disc golf, and maybe some lawn sports or a service project. What this group does will depend on the interests of those who sign up.

Biography: When not working to build plane parts or spending time with my family, I enjoy getting out into the world and challenging myself. Earlier in life I was an avid rock climber and can tell stories about Yosemite and Joshua Tree and that elusive boulder problem at the gym. With age or wisdom, I have moved away from extensive climbing as my joints were starting to show the mileage. I had always enjoyed biking, but now I ride on all terrains from road, to dirt, to grass and have enjoyed racing both to be part of a team and for the solo challenge of it, pitting myself against my previous best.
     I find I am drawn to the more solitary sports as they allow me the time to process the world and my place in it.  My own path to spirituality, much like Henry David Thoreau, can be found in the natural surroundings and the breathtaking views from the top of a rock or on a bike ride through the countryside.

Richard Scher - Everyone's a Musician

Jude Siegel - Nature Journaling for Joy

Laurie Smith - Soul Collage

Jennifer Springsteen - Writing

Program Description: Creative Writing: Find Your Writer's Voice
     Writing to prompts and in community allows you to get rid of your inner critic and write from that deep well of memory and imagination. It also develops your skill at feedback and noticing what is working in writing so that you, too, can identify techniques that can make you a better writer. This workshop is appropriate for all genres of writing: poetry, fiction, and memoir, as well as for all levels of experience.

Biography: Jennifer Springsteen is a seminary student at Starr King School for the Ministry in Oakland, California. She is the co-founder of PDX Writers and her writing has won several awards including Regional Arts and Culture Council grants, an Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship, and two Pushcart Prize nominations. She is represented by Joanna MacKenzie of Nelson Literary Agency. She writes, teaches, and studies in Portland, Oregon.

Fode Sylla - Drumming

Program Description: Traditional West African Djembe Hand Drumming
     Fode will introduce students to the Djembe drum, hand positioning, and the five basic sounds -- bass, slap, tone, muff, and flam. He will teach "KuKu" and the full moon celebration rhythm. Students will practice the hand positions, sounds, and learn Djembe parts 1 & 2 for the rhythm KuKu. Fode’s teaching focuses on creating community, tolerance, and healing. He says the repetitive, rhythmic movements can become a meditative experience, and using both hands helps align the right and left sides of the brain. Students should arrange to bring their own djembe or similar drum. He will have a few for rent for a small fee, and a few for purchase, but renting or purchasing needs to be arranged in advance. 

Biography: Fode Sylla is a dynamic acrobat, drummer, dancer and performance artist from Conakry, Guinea, who specializes in traditional West African drum and dance. Sylla received circus arts training at the esteemed Centre d'art acrobatique KETA Fodeba (TINAFAN) from 2005-2007. He is a master of West African Rhythms, having performed with the nationally renowned Ballet Mervielle de Guinea as well as Amoussou, and Ivory Coast dance troupe. Over the past 7 years, Fode has performed in many festivals, including the Oregon Country Fair, as well as offering demonstrations and audience participation events coast to coast and in Hawaii. He is a standing guest artist at MiniGuinea Dance and Drum Camp on Vashon Island, Camp Fareta in California, and Camp Saamato in Seattle, where he also performs with the African Allstars. Fode has a dedicated family of students and he is a gifted musician, dancer, choreographer and teacher. Having recently returned from 10 months in Guinea West Africa where he taught, performed and rehearsed with artists from around the world, he is fresh and ready to begin teaching students in his new hometown of Bend, Oregon.

Lynn Ungar - Poetry

Program Description:  Sermons in Stones: Nature Poetry

Beloved poets throughout the ages have turned to the natural world for inspiration, finding, in Shakespeare’s words, “tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones” and the wisdom that we need to find our place in this world. Participants will be invited to investigate both poetry and nature as inspiration for creating their own wisdom poetry.


Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar is a poet, Unitarian Universalist minister and dog trainer who lives in Vancouver, WA with her two Australian Shepherds. Her books of poetry include Bread and Other Miracles, Breathe, and These Days: Poems of the Pandemic Age.

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