Location of Camps

Seabeck, Washington

Eliot Camps are held at the Seabeck Conference Center, located in the town of Seabeck, Washington, on Hood Canal. Seabeck was a busy logging town and seaport more than a century ago.

The Meeting House, built in 1857, was once the Mess Hall for the mill and community center. Today it serves as an auditorium on the Conference Center grounds. The bell that once called the mill hands to meals now calls campers to meals and services. Many of the houses built by early pioneers have been converted into guest lodging.

The town includes the general store across the road, a pizza stand, a marina (currently closed for repair), and an espresso stand.

Explore more about the Seabeck Conference Center by following this link: http://www.seabeck.org/

Eliot News

==> Eliot is magical. Caring people, love, music, intimacy, children and adults together. What more could anybody want?
Longtime Elioteer from Oregon