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Eliot Board and Staff 2024

The Eliot Board appreciates all of your volunteer efforts.  We couldn't do it without you!

Pictured here are the Eliot Insitute Board and Staff from the April 2024 Board Meeting.

Back row, standing (L to R): Calyn McLeod (registrar), Janelle Durham, Carla Mandy, Rick Duncan, Lynn Sabourin (president), and Gavin Grandish. Seated, middle row: Lauren Mac Neill, Nancy West (executive secretary). Seated, front row:  Xander Simmons (treasurer), Camille Killorin (on screen), Linda Hardison (VP Communications & Marketing).

Eliot News

==> Eliot is magical. Caring people, love, music, intimacy, children and adults together. What more could anybody want?
Longtime Elioteer from Oregon