Eliot Institute Welcomes Donations of Time and Money

Eliot Institute welcomes your financial support. Thank you for considering a donation to our organization!

Donations to Eliot may be directed to the Operations Fund to pay for innovative programs and camps without increasing fees; to the Opportunity Fund to help to secure Eliot's future financial vitality; or to the Scholarship Fund to provide financial assistance to those who otherwise could not attend.  

Consider making your gift a regular, automated monthly donation to Eliot! You can check the box for that when you click on the yellow donate button below.

Eliot Institute is a charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Donations may also be made by mailing a check or using PayPal online.

Mail donations to:

Eliot Institute
2411 View Ridge Dr
Bellingham WA 98229

Or donate online:

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Other ways you can donate to Eliot Institute include donating time and skills as part of a camp program, or donating your time by service on the Eliot Board or a board committee.  Contact us here, [email protected], to let us know what you would be willing to do.

Click here for more information about donating to Eliot.

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==> Eliot is magical. Caring people, love, music, intimacy, children and adults together. What more could anybody want?
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