Financial Assistance

Eliot Institute Financial Assistance Application Click Here To Download Form

Submit your Eliot registration form directly to the Administrator with the normal deposit of $50/camper. If you cannot afford to pay the deposit, this application may be submitted in lieu of the deposit. 

All applications for financial assistance for each specific camp will be reviewed by the financial assistance committee in one batch. Your application needs to reach the Administrator at least two months prior to the start date of the camp you wish to attend. Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decisions on individual grants at least one month before camp convenes, and at that point, if you feel you still cannot afford to attend camp, you may cancel and your deposit will be refunded in full. Once an award has been accepted by a camper, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

As a nonprofit organization registered with the IRS, the process the committee uses to evaluate financial aid applications is open to public review. We need to be sure that we are looking at applications in as objective a manner as possible, and that we are diligent in determining the financial need of each applicant. To maintain privacy and objectivity, the administrator will strip identifying information from each application before it is submitted to the committee.  As the committee discusses each batch of applicants, unusual variations between applicants may bring up questions that would require additional information from you. Please be aware that a request to review your most recent income tax return, or for a statement of your assets may occur, if we need to clear up any discrepancies.

You may appeal the denial of a grant by submitting a letter and any supporting material to the Administrator for transmittal to the entire Board of Directors.

Send completed application to:  

Eliot Institute
2628 31
st Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98199
Email: [email protected]

Eliot Institute Financial Assistance Application Click Here To Download Form

Eliot News

==> Had an amazing week in the Young Adult Program! It tied in really well with the theme of the speaker, while also being quite unique. The coordinators were so great and kept things very fun! We had tons of variety in the activities we did each day, and when we had group discussions they both contributed comments and thoughts as well which I found really amazing and have never experienced that in the program before so that was great!!!
Young Adult from British Columbia