Elioteers who are part of UU congregations are likely already familiar with the concept of covenant—a promise we make to each other about how we want to be when we come together in community. Though many people already think of Eliot as an intentional community, we don’t actually have a covenant that articulates this intentionality. So, the Board is working on developing an Eliot covenant, along with mechanisms for restoring trust with each other when things go awry, which they occasionally do. This draft covenant represents a first step in that direction. There will be opportunities to ask questions about the draft and our process for finalizing it at each summer camp’s Eliot Information Meeting. In the Fall, every camper will receive a Survey Monkey link with a request to provide more in-depth feedback on the covenant. Expect to see a final version of the covenant next year.

Draft Eliot Covenant--April 2018

We, the Eliot community, promise to make a safe and nurturing environment for all campers, volunteers, and the Eliot and Seabeck staff. 

As we gather in an intentional, inclusive community, we promise to:

  • Bring our talents and best selves to Eliot.
  • Welcome all campers and the talents and perspectives they bring.
  • Create a community where all feel empowered to try new things and grow into their best selves.
  • Respect the needs of the community.

Because we value kindness, compassion, and respect for one another, we promise to:

  • Consider the needs of others and assume that all have good intentions.
  • Listen deeply and speak with civility and compassion.
  • Hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions.
  • Honor political, religious, racial, cultural, age, gender identity, and sexual orientation diversity.

Because we recognize we make mistakes, we promise to:

  • Address conflict directly and in a timely manner.
  • Make a sincere effort to repair relationships when needed.
  • Be generous with forgiveness.
  • Use the appropriate Eliot process to restore relationships.

Because we strive to live our UU values, we promise to:

  • Provide a spiritual community where all can search for their own truth.
  • Nurture and accept diverse expressions of spirituality.
  • Respect those willing to share their own spiritual experiences, knowledge, and growth.

Because we value the earth and the Eliot experience, we promise to:

  • Treat the grounds, buildings, plants, and wildlife with respect.
  • Minimize our impact by recycling, conserving water and electricity, and choosing reusable versus disposable whenever possible.