Eliot Institute creates and supports an intentional, inclusive community of celebration, friendship, and joy with opportunities for exploration, spirituality, and growth for Unitarian Universalists, their families and friends 

Who Comes to Eliot?

People young and old come to Eliot, from infants to seniors. Most are from Unitarian Universalist churches in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon.

Our camps are fully accessible to campers of all physical abilities.

Usually 20 or more churches will be represented. Some people come in extended family groups as large as 12, including non-church members. Many others come as singles. The summer conferences usually have around 250 participants and can be as high as 40% children and youth. Winter Eliot is especially popular with young adults. Most campers have attended in the past, but there are always newcomers as well.

Newcomers are always welcome!

Eliot Response to COVID-19

To our beloved Eliot Community,

I hope this email finds you safe, healthy, and in-community through various technological means available during the pandemic.

Your Eliot Board met in late January for our annual planning retreat.  It is with a heavy heart that I'm writing to let you know we have made the very difficult decision that the July Eliot and August Eliot 2021 summer camps will once again be virtual. 

We know many of you will be disappointed and saddened by this news. We are feeling the same way. This decision was made after spending a considerable amount of time in difficult discussions weighing the pros and cons.  We also had input from camp Deans and Board Reps, who had been meeting separately as a working group to explore all feasible options. Gathering in large groups remains unsafe for an indeterminate amount of time, creating many access and equity issues for in-person camps.  In the end, our decision was made in support of camp Deans and staff, who need to plan well-ahead to ensure the best possible camp experience.  

We know that health concerns will likely change, and hopefully improve over the coming months. However, given the many uncertainties we still face, the closed Canadian-US Border, and timed roll-out of vaccinations in both countries, we had to make a decision that prioritizes our community's safety.

With regard to the other camps, Creative Arts, and Winter 2021, we are taking the following approach.  We are dedicating our February Board meeting to an extensive discussion about Creative Arts and whether there could be a safe alternate format that would give our community a wonderful arts-camp experience.  For Winter 2021, we remain hopeful that we can safely return to in-person camp; therefore, we will delay that decision until mid-year and base it on the current science and health situation at that time.

And lastly, our goal is to have us all return to Seabeck as soon as possible to start rebuilding our traditions and connections, and to support Seabeck and Eliot financially.  Please know that your Board is working hard to come up with creative ideas and exploring options that would allow a safe return to Seabeck in some way, even if not in our traditional camp format at this time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Bev Hesterberg, Eliot Registrar ([email protected]).  We will continue to communicate with you over the coming months as the situation evolves.

Wishing you happy and warm memories of all that makes Eliot special in our lives,


Rachelle Lee
Eliot Board President (2020-2021)

We welcome your donations!

Eliot adds so much to our lives. Help us sustain and strengthen this wonderful camp experience.  In 2021, we'll be participating in Washington state's GiveBIG campaign. We are excited to be partnering with them once again this yearClick on the GiveBIG logo to donate.

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Eliot News

==> What a loving UU community! Really liked seeing so many youth being a real part of the whole community and almost everyone mostly "unplugged"!
First Time Camper from Washington.