Eliot Institute creates and supports an intentional, inclusive community of celebration, friendship, and joy with opportunities for exploration, spirituality, and growth for Unitarian Universalists, their families and friends 

Who Comes to Eliot?

People young and old come to Eliot, from infants to seniors. Most are from Unitarian Universalist churches in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon.

Our camps are fully accessible to campers of all physical abilities.

Usually 20 or more churches will be represented. Some people come in extended family groups as large as 12, including non-church members. Many others come as singles. The summer conferences usually have around 250 participants and can be as high as 40% children and youth. Winter Eliot is especially popular with young adults. Most campers have attended in the past, but there are always newcomers as well.

Eliot Response to COVID-19

Dear Elioteers,

Your Eliot board and staff are thinking of you and hoping that you and your families are able to be together and support one another during this difficult and uncertain time. I hope you are reaching out to your Eliot community as well.  Social distancing is something we Elioteers are familiar with, we have to do it every year after camp, yet magically, when we come together again, it’s like no time has passed.

We would like to assure you that Eliot will remain viable into the future.  Due to excellent governance and stewardship over the years, we are financially strong and able to withstand a summer without in-person camps.

We regret to inform you that after much soul-searching, the Eliot Board decided to cancel all in-person camps this summer. Eliot's Health and Safety Committee met and after careful consideration, determined that it would be too difficult to keep our campers safe at Seabeck this summer. We are deeply saddened by this but understand that the continued health and safety of each and every Elioteer far outweigh the short-term disappointment of missing out on Olympic mountain views, lagoon swims, amazing art workshops, food that magically appears at your table, and all the things that make being at Seabeck special for you.

July Eliot and August Eliot will have online, virtual camp experiences, and you may continue to register for those two camps, if you choose. Creative Arts Eliot has been cancelled altogether, after it was determined that an online experience wasn't feasible.

In keeping with the strong spirit of our Eliot community, please stay in touch with each other with words of support, connection, and inspiration during these challenging times. Please look for the Eliot Institute Facebook page as one way to stay in touch.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.  Stay safe, informed, and healthy.

All the best,
Rachelle Lee
Eliot Board President 2020
Email:  [email protected]; Phone:  403-680-2250

Newcomers are always welcome!

Eliot adds so much to our lives. Help us sustain and strengthen this wonderful camp experience.  Grow Eliot 2019 is a four-day event to raise money to enrich our Eliot experience without increasing camp fees.  Click on the "Grow Eliot" logo to donate.


    April 19-22, 2019

Eliot News

==> I was overjoyed to be with such a loving and welcoming group of folks.
First Time Camper from British Columbia