Camp Jobs

Camp Staff Code of Ethics 
Every member of staff will sign this Code, along with their staff contract.

Audio Visual
     Audio Visual Coordinator 
     AV How-To Manual     
     Slide Show Creator

Camp Chaplain

Youth - Young Adult Chaplain

Children's Program
     Children's Program Director  
     Children's Program Guidelines 
     Children's Program Staff

Combined Children / Youth Director for smaller camps

Creative Arts Eliot Camp
     Children's Art Workshop Coordinator
     Covenant Circle Coordinator
     Extravaganza Coordinator 

     Dean Timeline     
     Dean Staffing Guidelines   
     Dean - Theme Speaker Guidelines
     Dean - Camp Staffing Lists

Early Morning Coffee Host

First Aid
     First Aid Coordinator 
     First Aid Volunteer
     First Aid Information   
     First Aid Supplies List
     Concussion & Head Injury Information
     EpiPen Document

Golf Cart Coordinator

House Leader 

     Music Coordinator   
     Music Accompanist 
     Choir Director

Newcomer Host

Newsletter Editor 

Small Groups
     Small Groups Coordinator   
     Small Group Facilitator

Social Hour Host

Special Events and Activities
     Afternoon Art
     Art Show 
     Costume Parade 
     Photo Scavenger Hunt
     Talent Show   
     Tie Dye
     Trivia Night

Storage Closet Manager

Volunteer Coordinator

Waterfront - Boating & Swimming
     Waterfront Director 
     Eliot Waterfront Rules     
     Boat Dock Coordinator  
     Boat Dock Volunteer
     Boating Tests
     Waterfront Badge Information 
     Badge Chart

Winter Eliot
     Feast Master 
     Living Room Coordinator 

     Morning Ingathering Coordinator
     Evening Worship Coordinator
     Worship Manual   
     Worship Schedule

Young Adult Coordinator

     Youth Advisor 
     Youth Guidelines 
     Youth Program Staff

Eliot News

==> What a loving UU community! Really liked seeing so many youth being a real part of the whole community and almost everyone mostly "unplugged"!
First Time Camper from Washington.