July Eliot 2024: "Creativity Games and Storytelling" with Guy Nelson

Saturday, July 13, 2024 from 02:30 PM to Saturday, July 20, 2024 to 11:45 AM

Registration is now CLOSED for this camp! 

Creativity Games and Storytelling

Program Description: Guy has led this activity session in Seabeck Retreats for several organizations and people rave about the experience. The games are playful, fun and non-competitive. They quickly build a deep connection between participants and tap into everyone's innate creativity and imagination. As the sessions evolve, participants explore storytelling and how much we can learn from telling our own stories and listening to those of others. For many it's a transformational experience as we reflect on our habits of thinking, speaking and creating, then expand them beyond our self-defined limits.  Guy believes Creative Play can transform groups and individuals and is a deeply spiritual practice that teaches us to be present, open, compassionate and imaginative in all aspects of our lives. Come see how we can learn it and apply it!  No experience necessary, all ages teen to seniors. Wear comfortable clothing. No props needed, though a notebook may help you remember key ideas.

Bio: Guy Nelson is a Seattle-based actor, musician, author, journalist and organizational trainer. He's led creativity workshops all over the US and overseas. They're based on his 35 years as an actor and teacher of improv theater, which trains performers to create all forms of art spontaneously based on audience suggestions. He teaches those team-building and communication methods in organizations, schools, businesses and churches/spiritual communities. Guy's new book is titled, "Creative Thinking, Creative Play: Using Improvisational Games to Transform People, Classrooms and Organizations." Guy is a multi-instrumentalist and composer and is currently the Musical Director at Seattle's Amazing Grace Spiritual Center. He also has a long career in public radio as a host and reporter for Seattle's two NPR stations, KUOW and KNKX.


13395 Lagoon Drive NW; Seabeck WA 98380