Unitarian Universalist Values Expressed in Action

  • We welcome people of all ages, from infants to elders, and build meaningful connections across generations.
  • We welcome newcomers as well as old friends.
  • We appreciate each other's unique attributes and embrace diversity.
  • We encourage people to connect and grow through volunteering and to share their strengths and interests.
  • We appreciate those who give to the community, including the Board, staff, and volunteers.
  • We experiment in new realms of understanding and expression.
  • We value and foster leadership from among our participants.
  • We encourage economic diversity by providing financial assistance.
  • We provide speakers and other high quality programs.
  • We explore religious, social and global concerns in small group discussions.
  • We share our stories, play together, and come together in worship.
  • We encourage truthful and respectful communication, and face conflict constructively and conscientiously.
  • We honor each other's worth and dignity through gracious words and actions.
  • We balance the need for a safe community with the need for personal freedom.
  • We respect the facilities and property where we meet and support the people who host our conferences.
  • We renew our bodies and spirits in the shelter of Nature and in quiet meditation.
  • We sing, laugh, play, dance, celebrate, feast, and worship.
  • We take the wisdom and energy we have gained back to our home communities.
  • We move toward the future with creative change, and honor our past through treasured traditions.

Adopted by the Eliot Institute Board of Directors January 26, 2001

Eliot News

==> Had an amazing week in the Young Adult Program! It tied in really well with the theme of the speaker, while also being quite unique. The coordinators were so great and kept things very fun! We had tons of variety in the activities we did each day, and when we had group discussions they both contributed comments and thoughts as well which I found really amazing and have never experienced that in the program before so that was great!!!
Young Adult from British Columbia