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President's Message - Fall 2013

By Eliot Institute

Greetings to All,

President's Message - Fall 2013
Randi Niemer
Seattle, WA, USA President

As I write this, I realize that this will be my last correspondence as your Eliot President. These past few years have seen some noteworthy happenings, but more importantly, those hundreds of things – big and little - that happen and take place before, during, and after each camp, are some of what make our Eliot connections so special. From Bev attending to every detail regarding approximately 650 campers and their needs, to our wonderful Waterfront Staff and Closet maven who make sure not a drop of the lagoon goes into the storage closet.

And when something is forgotten or overlooked, there is always another Elioteer willing to step in and take care of it. Photos at In-gathering, Silent Football, Café Lawrence, Firelight, conversations with friends, Contra-dancing, boat-burning, and Tie-dye. These are just some of the things that make our time at camp so special. We are bound by these moments: along with love and affection for, respect and open-mindedness to, our family of Eliot campers.

We mourn the loss of two of our beloved Eliot stalwarts this past month: Peggy Kent and Ray Nelson. They, as much as anyone, signified what our Eliot community is about. Peggy’s vibrant and effervescent personality, her laughter, wisdom, and font of knowledge of all-things-Eliot are truly missed. Ray’s beautiful smile, enthusiasm, willingness to help, and of course, his gift of ice cream, will also be surely missed. Our loving thoughts and positive vibrations go out to both of their families.

We say another type of goodbye and thanks to Marcia Stephenson and Amy Hance-Brancati, whose term on the Eliot Board is over in January. Also to Cindy Leitner for her time and service on the Nominating Committee. We have three women, coincidentally, all from Vancouver Island, who will be stepping into their shoes: Hilary Sanford, Liz Goodger, and Samaya Oakley. I am grateful for their willingness to serve, as well as to our President-Elect, Carolyn Hayek, who will be stepping in as your new Eliot Board President. 

Thank you for the honor of serving on the Eliot Board. It is something I will always treasure.

Randi Niemer
Eliot Board President

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Eliot News

==> Had an amazing week in the Young Adult Program! It tied in really well with the theme of the speaker, while also being quite unique. The coordinators were so great and kept things very fun! We had tons of variety in the activities we did each day, and when we had group discussions they both contributed comments and thoughts as well which I found really amazing and have never experienced that in the program before so that was great!!!
Young Adult from British Columbia