Oct 18, 2014 at 04:12 PM

President's Message -- Fall, 2014

By Carolyn Hayek

Carolyn Hayek

Eliot has completed another successful summer season and we look forward to completing the year with a wonderful Winter Eliot this December.  During the summer it was especially satisfying to participate in the successful Creative Arts Eliot.  It was filled to capacity and we negotiated with Seabeck staff to take advantage of every available meeting space and sleeping room, since we shared the campus with other groups.  Next year, by changing the schedule to make it a 5 night camp, we will be able to accommodate even more campers.  It is delightful to see a camp which includes a substantial percentage of campers new to Eliot, some traveling from great distances to attend, enthusiastically embrace Eliot traditions and the workshop format we had first pioneered many years ago with what was then known as Spring Eliot.  Please consider sharing the fun of Creative Arts Eliot 2015, which starts the day our traditional August Eliot ends.

Some people are confused about why Eliot Institute has a board and what it does.  The Eliot Board sets the policies and procedures and oversees the budget for the operation of Eliot Institute events, whether held at Seabeck or elsewhere.  Seabeck Conference Center is a facility from which Eliot Institute rents space and contracts for meals, meeting rooms and housing.  Eliot Institute is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation which is affiliated with the Pacific Northwest District of the Unitarian Universalist Association, but totally independent in its operations.  Some of the issues the board is currently dealing with are:  (1) What should be the criteria for awarding camp scholarships?  Should it make a difference if the person has previously received a scholarship, if the person has a UU affiliation, if the person holds a camp job?  (2) What should we plan for the future of Eliot camps?  Should we primarily seek to accommodate current campers, their friends and families?  Should we increase the number of camps at Seabeck or add new locations?  Should we consider adding week-end camps?  (3) What is the importance of our connection to our UU roots?  Should UU affiliation be considered as we select board members, camp staff, speakers, etc.?  (4) As we seek donations for our new Endowment Fund, what would be our best strategy?  What goals and fund management would most satisfy donors that they were creating a positive legacy for the future?  If you have thoughts about any of these issues, please share them with the board (www.eliotinstitute.org/board-staff).  You can even comment on the Eliot website – each “Eliot News” item on the homepage (www.eliotinstitute.org) contains a comment function.  We’d love to hear from you.  Eliot board members and committees are considering these issues right now and they will be addressed by the full board at January’s board retreat.

Carolyn Hayek

Eliot Institute President

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==> What a loving UU community! Really liked seeing so many youth being a real part of the whole community and almost everyone mostly "unplugged"!
First Time Camper from Washington.