Committee Chairs

CanAm: Liz Goodger
Children’s: Joanne Fox & Katy Siepert
Communications & Marketing: Karen Valbuena
Creative Arts Eliot: Kendra Petkau
Finance: Ian Schurr
Fund Raising: Ken Kersten
Health and Safety: Joan Sandberg
Leadership Development: Samaya Oakley
Nominating: Paul Blackburn
Program: Samaya Oakley
Registration Advisory: Joan Sandberg
Technology:  Michael McDaniel
Youth: Sacha Wassick

Eliot News

==> So much fun, I appreciated the children's program and the variety of events for campers. I especially appreciated the Salish Sea outing, The Last Night Festival activities, the opportunities for making and sharing music, and the existence of a central gathering place for Happy Hour. The whole thing was a really great experience for my daughter and me. Thank you so much!!!
First Time Camper from Washington.