CANCELLED: Creative Arts Eliot 2020: Your choice of workshops

Saturday, August 08, 2020 at 04:00 PM to Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 06:00 PM

Are you an artist interested in presenting a workshop in 2021 or beyond? Please scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to find links for more information and an application. And while you're scrolling, check out the types of workshops we offer our campers.

2020 Morning Workshops:

Patty Zeitlin - Storytelling

Program Description: Tuning in to Your Story
Is there someone who inspired you and/or was a positive influence in your life? Was it a family member, a friend, a teacher, or an animal? With various prompts like these and some simple storytelling guidelines, we will work in small, supportive groups to discover and share personal stories. The art of storytelling includes both the listener and the teller. Each of us has interesting stories to share, but people don't often take time to listen. In this class you will learn how to enjoy telling a personal story in a way that engages the interest, understanding and appreciation of your listeners.

Biography:  Patty Zeitlin is dedicated to inspiring and teaching others how to develop and express their own creative gifts. She is Vice President of the Seattle Storytellers Guild and this year, was inducted into the Seattle Storytellers Guild Golden Circle for her role in keeping the art of storytelling alive. Patty is a storyteller, author, workshop leader, and playwright. Patty is an award winning songwriter and poet, with 10 albums of original song, and for three seasons, toured as an actor, with the Silver Kite Intergenerational (Storytelling) Theatre.

Jennifer Springsteen - Writing

Program Description: Writing Down our Stories
Writing to prompts and in community allows you to get rid of your inner critic and write from that deep well of memory and imagination. It also develops your skill at feedback and noticing what is working in writing so that you, too, can identify techniques that can make you a better writer. This workshop is appropriate for all genres of writing: poetry, fiction, and memoir, as well as for all levels of experience.

Biography: Jennifer Springsteen is the co-founder of PDX Writers and her writing has won several awards including Regional Arts and Culture Council grants, an Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship, and two Pushcart Prize nominations. She is represented by Joanna MacKenzie of Nelson Literary Agency. She is currently a seminary student at Starr King School for the Ministry. She writes, teaches, and edits in Portland, OR.  

Mike Reddig - Active Sports

Program Description: An additional morning option, "Active Sports will be available for those wanting a more physical activity.  Led by Mike Reddig, there will be options for hiking, paddle-boarding, disc golf, and maybe some lawn sports or a service project. What this group does will depend on the interests of those who sign up.

Biography: When not working to build plane parts or spending time with my family, I enjoy getting out into the world and challenging myself. Earlier in life I was an avid rock climber and can tell stories about Yosemite and Joshua Tree and that elusive boulder problem at the gym. With age or wisdom, I have moved away from extensive climbing as my joints were starting to show the mileage. I had always enjoyed biking, but now I ride on all terrains from road, to dirt, to grass and have enjoyed racing both to be part of a team and for the solo challenge of it, pitting myself against my previous best.
     I find I am drawn to the more solitary sports as they allow me the time to process the world and my place in it.  My own path to spirituality, much like Henry David Thoreau, can be found in the natural surroundings and the breathtaking views from the top of a rock or on a bike ride through the countryside.

Calyn McLeod - Dragon Sculpting

Program Description: Learn to sculpt a small dragon from polymer clay! Calyn will guide you through the whole process from armature to painting, and at the end of the camp you will have your own unique winged dragon to take home. All experience levels welcome. Materials will be provided - just bring your imagination and enthusiasm!

Biography: Calyn has been creative for as long as she can remember. She is known for her posable fantasy creature art dolls, and enjoys working in a wide range of media and techniques - sculpting, painting, and sewing are her favorites, but she's also done printmaking, graphic design, tie dye, jewelry making, book making, ceramics, and more. Her portfolio can be seen at

Leah Kohlenberg - Painting

Program Description: Drawing to Painting
Have you secretly always wanted to draw and paint, but thought that was only for "natural born" artists?  Or are you an experienced artist looking to boost your skills?  This all-levels workshop will walk you through several drawing and painting projects in acrylic painting.  Choose your own subject matter and work with an experienced artist to learn the tips and techniques used by professional painters.  All experience levels welcome!  Come find out what you can do, and how drawing and painting can serve as a necessary creative outlet.

Biography: Leah Kohlenberg is an internationally collected artist and art teacher who currently lives in Portland, Oregon. She works in all drawing and painting mediums - from pencil and charcoal to pastels and ink, and acrylic, oil and watercolor painting.  She serves as president of Portland Open Studios, a yearly citywide art studio tour, and runs her own teaching business, offering classes in her studio and also live and online to students all over the world - including her popular Art at Work program, offering art classes in the workplace.  She is represented by Salty Teacup in Portland, Oregon, and Fairweather Gallery in Seaside, Oregon.  She published her first book, The Roaming Studio Step by Step Guide to Drawing Faces, in 2016 with the help of a Regional Arts and Culture Council professional development grant.

Linda Horton - Mosaics

Program Description: Creating Original Glass Mosaics
Mosaic is an ancient art form, made accessible to beginners or those with limited experience in this workshop.   Participants will learn about choosing materials (such as iridescent or textured glass), simple glass cutting, composition and tips for construction of 3-4 simple pieces - a coaster, a small picture, and a pendant (with other options available). Using glass triangles primarily, rather than the standard squares, allows a more dynamic, flowing and quicker creative expression.  Create your own original, durable artwork to take home!

Biography: I have been involved in the arts since childhood, when my mother took me after church (San Diego 1st UU) to sketch in the park or at the harbor. In high school, I Illustrated the literary magazine, in my 20s I worked for an art gallery and sold my etchings, and in my 30s assisted an art therapist in senior homes.  While I have been involved in many art forms ( dance, drama, folk ensembles, and writing), I kept coming back to visual arts.  Abut 30 years ago I took up stained glass, which evolved into a passion for glass mosaics (I adore jigsaw puzzles!)   The past five years since retirement I have specialized in pendants, beginning with flaming chalices and branching out.  I have an Etsy site (MinervaMosaics) and a Facebook page (MinervaMosaica).  Between my Etsy site and craft fairs, etc., I have sold 300 or so pendants, as well as contributing both pendants and plaques to church and charity fundraisers and making larger pieces for gifts and the occasional commission. During my 25+ years as a parish minister, I regularly offered adult ed classes in “Art and Spirit.” 

Rob D'Arc - Scrolling Stories

Program Description: Creating "Crankies"
A "crankie" is an old storytelling art form, popular in the 19th century. We will create a long illustrated scroll that is wound onto two spools. The spools are loaded into a box which has a viewing screen. Then the scroll is hand-canked while the story is told, or a tune is played, or a song is sung. This unique folk art can combine live music with storytelling and shadow puppetry. The stages will be hand-crafted. Scrolls can be illustrated either with drawings or cut-out pictures and are then mounted in the stage/boxes and the visuals unroll as they crank along. 

Biography:  Rob H. D’Arc began his career as an artist, writer, director and puppeteer in 1980 with the French puppet troupe, “Les Marmouset.” In 1987, he founded the Kidstuff Puppet Theater in Riverside, California, coordinating all elements of production, creating over 30 shows. He received an “Artist in Schools” residency from the California Arts Council to teach puppetry to G.A.T.E. classes; instructed librarians, teachers, and therapists with in-service programs; taught puppetry techniques at three National Puppetry Festivals; and won awards for specialty makeup, the promotion of literacy, and artistic excellence. In 2000, Rob directed three plays, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Hobbit and a comedic version of A Christmas Carol for the Riverside Community  Players, the oldest theater-in-the-round in theU.S. In 2001, Rob directed a production of The Little Prince and co-created (with artistic partner Susannah Faith) a comedic version of Adam and Eve for the 2001 Southern California Renaissance Faire, featuring large scale puppets and masks.  Rob was Makeup Designer for Sea World San Diego’s haunted event,“Terrors of the Deep” in 2001- 2002. Locally, he has created a 20-foot blue whale for the Fremont Solstice Parade and adapted and directed an H.P.Lovecraft story for Open Circle Theater, built marionettes for Seattle Opera's production, “Tales of Hoffmann,” and  has taught courses in puppetry for the Master’s degree Summer Program at CWU. Rob lives in Seattle, sells Puppets and Mask Wall Hangings  at the Pike Place Market and tours with his neo-vaudevillian act, “Professor Humbug’s Flea Circus”.

Natalie Danielson - Book Arts

Program Description: Creating Handmade Books
There is a bit of a mystery when you hold a handmade book in your hands.  It could have a creative folding technique, be handstitched, or open in a distinctive way.  What lies inside can range from colorful drawings, handwritten quotes, popup or peek-a boo windows, or a blank journal.  It could be an old book that has been creatively altered.  In this workshop, you will create a variety of books that will each be a treasure. 

Biography: The art that Natalie Danielson creates is always full of energy and exudes happiness.  She always has a paintbrush, calligraphy pen, palette knife, or glue in her hands creating something new regularly.
     She has been a book artist for the past decade combining different mediums.   “When I started experimenting with bookmaking, I found I could take my art to another level and create a vessel for stories.”  For the past several years, she has attended “Bookies,” a group of book artists that share new techniques and ideas every month.  In addition, she has taken numerous bookmaking courses.  
     Natalie has been a featured artist at art walks throughout the area.  She has taught classes and workshops in her studio in Kirkland over the years.  The one word used most often to describe Natalie is “enthusiastic!”  She brings her passion for art, wild creativity, and sense of humor to her workshops!  email: [email protected]

Drew Betz - Art Quilts 

Program Description:  Art Quilt Challenge
Participants in this workshop will be given two different challenges and will have the option to do one or both.  In the COLOR challenge participants will be challenged to use one color and its color wheel complement plus neutrals in creating a small art quilt.  In the other challenge, participants will be given a small piece (18 x 22 inch) of the FOCUS fabric and asked to create a small quilt that uses some of the fabric.  Pattern, design options and examples for both challenges will be available at the time of class. The workshop will focus on design principles and construction techniques for creating and finishing the pieces.  The class could be taken by a person who wishes to create small quilts by hand.  Ideally, a sewing machine in working order is needed for the best and speediest results.

Biography:  Drew has been making quilts since 1997.  She has made all sizes of quilts but prefers to work small.  She has made a series of journal quilts and quilted prayer flags and has entered her small quilts in the local fair and area quilt shows.  She has shown quilts at local, countywide and multi-state shows and is the proud winner of a number of blue ribbons.  She and her friend Francie have shared several exhibits of their work.  Drew is a trained quilt judge and regularly judges a local county fair.  She has also taught classes on small quilts, wearable art and has given a number of lectures at local quilting guilds.  Her recent work has focused on working with her Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship Quilters on a series of quilts that are being gifted to a transitional housing program.  She is in the process of blogging about her work.  You can visit her blog at  She looks forward to being part of the Creative Arts presenting team in 2020.

2020 Afternoon Workshops:

Pat Smaaladen - Rosemaling

Program Description: Introduction to Rosemaling
Rosemaling, a beautiful folk art specific to Norway, is primarily painted on wooden items of daily life.  The styles and designs developed over time using beautiful C and S strokes to form scrolls and stylized flowers. Basic information, practice sheets and a design from three different styles will be available. I will demonstrate and work in acrylic paints for this class.  Students will work at their own pace, learning the strokework and putting a design in each style on a small, yet to be determined wooden piece.  The hope is that each student will be able to complete at least one project, possibly three, depending on work rate.  There will be practice sheets that will also go home with each student.  Paints and brushes and the other “tools of the trade” will be available for use in the classes.  Projects, finished or not, will go home with each student along with the introductory history and instruction sheets. 

BiographyMy interest in Norwegian Rosemaling and other folk arts are rooted in my heritage and my love of all things artistic. I took my first lessons in 1974 and have studied with Vesterheim Gold Medalists and teachers from Norway.  I am happiest when in the midst of some sort of art project.  I also enjoy quilting, needlework and tending the pots of flowers on our patio. I am a native Washingtonian and have lived on the Kitsap Peninsula, in Bellevue, and now in Edmonds.  I’ve taught introductory classes for different age groups and look forward to sharing some of what I have learned with you. Rosemaling and other folk arts come from the heart and soul of all people, and I believe that is what draws nearly all of us to them.

Sharon O'Keefe - Cell Phone Photography

Program Description: A cell phone photographer needs to be familiar the basic principles of composition as well understanding their phone's camera and its various functions. Sharon will introduce basic compositional techniques, e.g., working with light, line, color, texture, selective focus, perspective, etc. Some camera functions will also be discussed—i.e., shooting modes, HDR, Burst, Pano, Editing and creating Videos.  You’ll be amazed at how a few key tips and tricks can revolutionize the way you shoot and result in gorgeous photos that will make people think you’re a real pro. This workshop does not require a background in photography and it is suitable for any type of Cell Phone Camera.

Biography:  A native Oregonian, Ms. O’Keefe has been a freelance photographer for over 35 years. She is Director of Camerawork Gallery, Founder of Northwest Center for Photography, i witness gallery and Co-Founder Plates to Pixels Online Gallery. She has taught photography classes for more than 25 years—independently, through Portland Community College and most recently Clark College in Vancouver, WA.
     She inspires her students to find new ways to see the world while providing a positive and encouraging learning environment. She is committed to educating individuals with an interest in photography and finds ways to make the learning process fun. Ms. O’Keefe is a talented photographer and a gifted teacher. Her goal is to help her students find the joy, passion and personal enrichment that photography continually brings to her life.

Debbie Gorenstein - Ukulele

Program Description: I love playing the ukulele. I love playing it alone in my living room, in Sunday school with my third and fourth graders, and especially with other players in a small or large groups around Portland. You will enjoy playing this wonderful instrument at camp.  I will teach strum patterns, chords, and many songs, We will begin with the basic chords, (C, G, G7, F) and learn new chords throughout our time together.  You will have a songbook to practice on your own at camp.  My goal is for you to feel comfortable, confident, and joyful while singing and playing with other people.

Biography: Debbie Gorenstein fell in love with the ukulele five years ago when her first and second grade classroom was constantly serenaded by the fifth grade class above them.  She borrowed the teacher's extra uke and taught herself chords and strumming using the internet as her teacher.  Debbie is the happy grandmother of Sylvie, age 3, and Eliana, age 3 months.  She and her husband, Rick, care for the two of them on Wednesdays.  Both Eliana and Sylvie love ukulele music.

Julia Buggy - Yoga

Program Description: All levels welcome. This yoga workshop series will cover the philosophy, breathing techniques, postures, movement and stillness. Props such as blocks and straps and handouts will be provided. By honoring our bodies innate wisdom, practicing mindfulness and rembering our truth we will cultivate vitality, joy and freedom.

Biography: Julia Buggy is an experienced registered yoga teacher. She received her first 200 hour certification from Inner Vision Yoga in Arizona in 2010 and is currently enrolled in a 300 hour yoga teacher training program in Seattle. She felt called to teach when she moved to Sequim WA almost 6 years ago and currently teaches 7 yoga classes per week. Julia is a member of Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship where she serves as lead children's teacher. 

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